Dress Down Days 2013/Fund Raising Suggestion’s


The United Way of Rice Lake is once again sponsoring Dress Down Days with all proceeds going directly to support the annual fund drive ($99,000). Participation is effortless!  The cost is $5 per person to dress down or wear casual or ‘theme’ clothing to your place of business.  Project coordinator-Dave Bridges notes the following dates and themes for this year’s activity; October 11-Favorite Team Colors(Rice Lake Homecoming); November 22-Bring Out the Orange; December 20-Holiday Motif Clothing, however, Dressing Down or working in casual attire could be any day of the week that works for you or your employer.  United Way Dress Down Stickers are available by contacting Dave Bridges at (715.234.0096), or dbridges@dairystatebank.com.  For more information concerning the local United Way Campaign can be reviewed by accessing the local website at www.unitedwayricelake.org.

The Dressing Down United Way activity is only one of the many ways of supporting the annual campaign fund drive, the following suggestions are offered as ways to become involved in the yearly drive;

BAKE SALE:  Package to sell goodies within your office or to customers.  Post information or pledge to the united Way.

INCENTIVES:  A day off or favorite parking spot for all participants that contribute or pledge to the United Way.

CUTEST BABY PICTURE CONTEST:  Set up a display of employee’s children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews for $5.00 entry.  For $.25 a vote, employees vote for the cutest one.  (Use baby food jars to collect donations under each picture).

PIZZA SALE:  Ask your company to purchase pizzas.  Sell them for a $1.50 a slice and donate the proceeds.

RESERVED PARKING:  Auction an executive’s parking spot for the winner’s use for a week.

VENDING MACHINES:  Raise the cost of your company vending machines by $.25 for a month.  Donate the extra money raised.

SILENT AUCTION:  Ask for a donation of things or services to be auctioned off at work.  Suggest unique and personal things such as art, antiques, dessert every month for a year and etc.  Display the items with a description and value.  Bidders could use their names or be assigned a number.

POTLUCK:   Have a volunteer bring a potluck lunch or breakfast.  Charge other employees to eat a home cooked meal.

YARD SALE:  Have a large parking lot garage sale, using employee’s old items or some inventory your company may have.