U N I T E D   W A Y    R I C E   L A K E   B O A R D   M E M B E R S


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Board Overview

The United Way of Rice Lake is an independent, local nonprofit organization dedicated to making our community a better place to live, dedicated to building a stronger, more caring community. We do this by conducting an annual fundraising campaign and directing the money raised to a variety of social service agencies. With assistance from the United Way of America, our board and volunteers carefully evaluate the work of the agencies in our area, and choose the most efficient, effective, and critical programs to receive this funding.


If you’d like help in organizing your own individual or group volunteer activity, please drop us an e-mail or call.

(715) 234-4777


Front Row: TBD, Debbie Anderson, Marcia Roberts-Seabo, Dawn Olson, Lori Bowman, Anne Gallagher Back Row: Bob Anderson, Jeremy Sisco, Andrew Morrison, Jodi Babineau, Nicky Repka, Blakeley Beatty