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1.  Reach the amount of money you set out to raise !

2.  Not make your  co-workers  dread the sight of you  wink


Below are a few fun ideas to help you get started !

Running a United Way “Campaign” is a traditional way many companies partner with us to support our community. Providing employees with meaningful opportunities to give back to the community at the level they feel comfortable is a benefit for any corporate culture.  A well-developed partnership with United Way provides employees with these and many other opportunities.  Here are just a few fun ideas !

FUNd r a i s i n g    s u g g e s t i o n s

  • BAKE SALE:  Package to sell goodies within your office or to customers. Post information or pledge to the united Way.
  • INCENTIVES:  A day off or favorite parking spot for all participants that contribute or pledge to the United Way.
  • CUTEST BABY PICTURE CONTEST:  Set up a display of employee’s children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews for $5.00 entry. For $.25 a vote, employees vote for the cutest one. (Use baby food jars to collect under each picture).
  • PIZZA SALE:  Ask your company to purchase pizzas. Sell them for a $1.50 a slice and donate the proceeds.
  • BLUE JEANS:  Charge $3.00 to $5.00 to dress casual at the office on a given day.
  • RESERVED PARKING:  Auction an executive’s parking spot for the winner’s use for a week.
  • VENDING MACHINES:  Raise the cost of your company vending machines by $.25 for a month. Donate the extra money raised.
  • SILENT AUCTION:  Ask for a donation of things or services to be auctioned off at work. Suggest unique and personal things such as art, antiques, dessert every month for a year and etc. Display the items with a description and value. Bidders could use their names or be assigned a number.
  • POTLUCK:  Have a volunteer bring a potluck lunch or breakfast. Charge other employees to eat a home cooked meal.
  • YARD SALE:  Have a big parking lot garage sale, using employee’s old items or some inventory your company may have.
Have fun with these ideas or create your own. Your support to the local Rice Lake United Way is important. Call (715) 234-4777 please leave a message with any questions you may have. Thank you for your efforts and participation.