Covid-19 Community Responce and Recovery Fund

During times of uncertainty, Americans come together to support each other. COVID-19 is a new test of our collective strength. As social distancing and self-quarantining become the new normal, we’re facing new economic challenges. Industries are seeing sales plummet, and workers are losing tips, wages or jobs because of canceled events, business and school closures. Children from low-wage families may not be getting breakfast or lunch when schools are closed.

To support this rapidly escalating need, United Way Worldwide has created the COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund. Our Fund supports communities struggling in the wake of the new virus, by supporting local United Ways and 211, the go-to information resource in times of crisis. Every year, 211 specialists answer 12 million requests by phone, text, chat and email to connect people with disaster, food, housing, utility, health care resources and more. There is no other network in the country with a similar pulse on America’s needs.  So far, some 20 statewide 211 operations have been activated, and 211 is working closely with health officials all over the country to provide accurate updates to the public.

NOTE: You can dial 211 to speak to someone about local assistance at any time. The 1-866-211-9966 number you may have seen on social media is only available for residents of Indianapolis. Please be aware that financial assistance related to COVID-19 is not available for individuals everywhere.

How does United Way help?

United Way steps up whenever our communities need us. With a presence in 95% of America's communities, United Way is on the front lines, already mobilizing to provide accurate information and vital services for those struggling to get by during this crisis. 

Our Community Response and Recovery Fund is U.S.-only. Corporate partners who want to give internationally can do so through our International Donor Advised Giving service, which helps partners navigate the complexity of international charitable giving rules and regulations. Individuals who want to give less than $5,000 overseas can do so through our International Support Fund.

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United Way of Rice Lake Wisconsin

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William James


The United Way Team

United Way of Rice Lake 2019 Board of Directors

Anne Gallagher
Bob Anderson-Vice President
Briana Farb-Past President
Britta Kubesh-President
Brooke Bezek
Carrie Baribeau
Chris Olsen-Treasurer
Dave Bridges
Jill Washkuhn-Secretary
Mitch Zimmer
Robin Severson
Shaun Carr
Sue Nelson-Executive Director



See where your contributions go!! 2019 Goal $87,000

Barron County Literacy Council

Barron County Area Literacy Council
Providing free, private and confidential
one on one tutoring sessions for adults
wishing to acquire or better their reading
and/or English speaking skills.

Barron County Office on Aging

Barron County Office on Aging
Meals on Wheels
Ensuring that all older individuals,
regardless of income, have access to
information, services, and opportunities
that preserve dignity and enhance selfreliance
and well being.

Barron County Restorative Justice Program

Barron County Restorative Justice
Building safe, healthy communities
embracing restorative practices and
healing the injury caused by conflict and

Center For Independent Living

Center for Independent Living
Advocating for the full participation in
society of all persons with disabilities.

Chippewa Valley Boy Scouts

Chippewa Valley Boy Scouts
Serving others by helping to instill values
in young people and prepare them to
make ethical choices during their lifetime.

Daybreak Respite Care

DayBreak Respite Care
An adult daycare center for people over
60 who have Alzheimer’s disease or
related issues. Provides participants with
the opportunity to meet new friends and
be a part of the community, while giving
family members a break from care giving

Epilepsy Foundation of Western Wisconsin

Epilepsy Foundation of Western
Improving life opportunities for people
with epilepsy and their families through
support, advocacy and education.

Heart Island Family Enrichment Center

Heart Island Family Enrichment Center
Providing an open and nurturing
environment where the community
comes together to empower and celebrate
families and forge community bonds.

Girl Scouts of NW Greater Lakes

Girl Scouts of NW Great Lakes
Inspiring girls with the highest ideas
of character, conduct, patriotism, and
service that they may become happy and
resourceful citizens.


Providing children, ages 5 through 14,
with healthy relationships, positive
experiences, support and understanding
through the commitment of carefully
screened adult volunteers

Lakeview Medical Center Hospice Care

Lakeview Medical Center Hospice Care
Providing specialized End of Life Care
to individuals suffering from terminal
illness, along with support to loved ones.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill NAMI

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Providing support, advocacy, and
education to individuals and families
living with mental illness to improve their
quality of life.

Northwest Connection Family Resources

Northwest Connection Family Resources
Developing professionals who care
for our children, connect parents with
childcare, and collect childcare data.

Rice Lake Brain Injury Support Group

Rice Lake Brain Injury Support Group
Helping brain injury survivors and
families gain a meaningful and hopeful

Senior Citizens Center of Rice Lake

Senior Citizens Center of Rice Lake
Providing a place for people fifty-five
and over to enjoy social, supportive and
educational programs that encourage
continued growth.

United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy
Providing services for those people with
cerebral palsy and other disabilities.


West Cap
Taking action against poverty by
developing the social and economic assets
of low-income families.

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Give. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.
The United Way of Rice Lake fights for the Health, Education and Financial Stability of every person in our local communities. We win by Living United. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old problems. By mobilizing the best resources. And by inspiring individuals to join the fight against daunting social crises.

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